Use This Checklist of Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Tempe Home

A home that is well-maintained will gain in value and be a joy to all who live in it. But home maintenance means more than just cleaning up and trimming the hedges. Follow this handy checklist to help keep your home in perfect condition. 

The most important thing you can do to maintain your home is to inspect it regularly. Walk through your house twice a year to discover any little problems before they become big disasters. 

  • Are any electrical outlets loose? Now is a good time to replace them. 
  • Look over your roof for missing or chipped shingles. 
  • Check the outdoor faucets and water lines for any signs of leakage. 
  • If you have a septic tank and haven’t emptied it, do so now. 
  • Check your exterior walls for cracks, peeling paint or other damage. 
  • Soil grading should let water flow away from your home. Make sure water doesn’t settle around the house. 
  • You should test all doors and windows by opening, closing and locking them. 
  • Seal your wooden porches and decks once a year to protect against damage. 
  • Inspect your attic and crawlspaces for any signs of water damage, rot or fungal growth. 

Clean Gutters Add to the Value of a Home 

Clean gutters carry water away from your home, protecting it from water damage. When the gutters clog up, they can’t do that job anymore. Gutters and eaves must be cleaned to keep them in working condition. 

  • Use a sturdy ladder when cleaning your gutters, and set it up properly. Don’t lean the ladder against the gutters. They can’t support much weight. 
  • Remove leaves and twigs from the gutters with a garden trowel or gutter scoop. 
  • Wet down any dirt clogs in the gutter, and then remove them. 
  • Flush out the spouts with a garden hose. If the water doesn’t run freely, use a plumber’s snake to clear the spout. 

Close Your Pool During the Winter Months 

If you live in Tempe, it’s a good chance your house has a pool. Swimming pools are fun through the summer, but should be closed down to protect them in the winter. Here’s a checklist to help close down your pool. 

  • Collect all your winterizing supplies. You’ll need a cover, winterizing chemicals and an air compressor or shop vacuum. 
  • Clean the filter by backwashing it thoroughly. 
  • Disconnect the pump and filter. 
  • Unscrew and loosen any fittings around the pump to prevent freeze cracks. 
  • Remove all return jet fittings. 
  • Blow out the water from the return jet pipes. 
  • Blow out any skimmer pipes to clear them of water. 
  • Blow out the main drain pipe. 
  • Remove any toys from the pool. 
  • Mix up and add the proper winterizing chemicals. 
  • Place the winter cover over the pool. Make sure it’s secure and won’t slide into the water. 

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