Meyer Park

Homes for sale: Meyer Park is a residential area in Maricopa county. There are currently 5 houses available for sale in the market inclusive of 1 condo and 4 houses. The current median home price at Meyer Park is approximately $ 370,000.

The cost of living in Meyer Park is 3% lower than that of Tempe average and 4% lower than that of the national average. The cost of housing is relatively fair standing at 4% lower than the national average. Meyer Park income per capita is 22% lower than the national average and the median household income is 19% lower than the national average. The poverty level is equal to the national average and the unemployment rate is 30% lower than the national average.

The number of crimes over the years have been reduced by 9% in Meyer Park. Unfortunately, the overall crime rate is at averagely 61% higher than the national average. Amenities are within close proximity including, entertainment areas, shopping areas, and health facilities.

Educational institutions available are 63 public schools, 18 private schools, and 22 post-secondary institutions. The monthly average highest temperature is 96 degrees in July and the lowest 55 degrees in December.

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