Anyone that is looking for a place to live that has great weather, plenty of recreational options and a good local economy should consider the city of Tempe, AZ. There are many great neighborhoods in the city of Tempe, AZ that should be considered if you are looking to move into the area. One popular neighborhood that offers great local amenities in the Sunset neighborhood.

Sunset Location
The Sunset neighborhood is well located in the Tempe area. It is located within a short walk of both downtown Tempe and the Arizona State University. It is bordered by 1st Street to the north, Priest Drive to the west, University Drive to the south and Hardy Drive to the south.

Housing and Demographics
The Sunset neighborhood’s location continues to make it a popular option for anyone in the Tempe area. The neighborhood is about 0.25 square miles in size and has a population of around 2,800 residents. Currently, there is a mix of real estate options. There are several single family homes listed for sale that have around 1,500 square feet of space and are priced around $300,000. The eastern edge has new-construction condos that offer more than 2,200 square feet and are priced near $500,000.

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