Alta Mira

Alta Mira is a neighborhood situated in a less urban area in South Tempe. It is only 20 minutes away from Phoenix’s downtown and the University of Advanced Technology. It is known for its convenient freeway access and well-developed infrastructure. Everything the residents need is around the corner, including grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, drug stores, a gym, salons, and more. There are 358 single-family homes in Alta Mira built between 1981 and 1994. 276 of 358 homes are one-story houses with 3 or 4 bedrooms and 88% of them have pools.

  • Median Home Price(s): $465,000
  • Approximate Number of Homes for Sale: 5

The neighborhood is well known for its school high rating. Aprende Middle School, Kyrene del Cielo Elementary School, and Corona del Sol High School are among the most highly rated schools in Phoenix.

Alta Mira has a lot of places for entertainment and recreational activities, including basketball courts, playgrounds, a soccer field, a picnic area, BBQ grills, tennis courts, swimming pools, skateparks, and a lovely 5-acre neighborhood park. There are also a lot of community events throughout a year, such as Fall and Spring Picnic, community garage sales, and others. The community of Alta Mira is close-knit with active residents engaging in planning events and enjoying time together.

Tempe Timeshares are Popular with Vacationers

When you buy into a timeshare, what you’re purchasing is a right to a given condo or resort property that allows you to use that property for a certain time during the year. You might own a timeshare that gives you the right to use a room at a resort for a week in May. Outside of this window, other people have rights to the place. 

Timeshares are a popular way of nailing down vacation homes in good locations without the need to buy or rent a house that might only see use for a few days in a year. Three-million people enjoy their timeshares in the USA and seven-million worldwide own one. Given that timeshares are usually vacation homes, they pop up near resorts, yearly sporting events and tourist areas. In Tempe, many timeshares are near the golf courses and Tempe Town Lake. 

A timeshare gives you access to a vacation property in the same town, at the same time, every year. If you have family in the area whom you enjoy visiting or a traditional vacation spot, this can work out great for you. In particular, sporting events, golf tournaments and spring training all happen on the about the same days each year. If you’re a fan, it could be worth doing to find a timeshare near your favorite event. 

A Local Timeshare Can Take You Around the World 

Owning a timeshare opens up several new options. The most important of which is that you may be able to trade your rights with someone else. This allows you to vacation anywhere in the world, so long as you can find someone else with the same time window. Timeshare owners can trade like this among themselves, or they can use one of the services that exist to assist in these trades. If your timeshare is in a resort, you may be able to trade those rights directly with the resort company to visit any of their locations in the country or world. 

There’s Always a Price to Fit Your Budget 

In Tempe, timeshares can be found at any price range. You’ll find that shares during the summer months are less expensive than other times. The winter months tend to be the most expensive, as crowds are drawn to Arizona by the mild winter climate. The price of a timeshare usually doesn’t include any monthly or yearly fees and dues, such as those for maintenance or property taxes. You will have to pay these as well. Before you buy a timeshare property, be sure to learn about all the fees and extra expenses in advance. 

Investors are cautioned to stay away from timeshares. While they can be convenient and fun for vacationing, very few timeshares hold their value or appreciate. The market is saturated, since every new condo is, potentially, fifty-two new shares. You may, however, be able to rent out your share if you don’t plan on using it in a given year. This can help recover some of the costs involved. Whatever your choices, a timeshare unit is a vacation destination, not an investment. 

Mortgage Information for Tempe Buyers

We’ve found some articles that may contain interesting information for your search. Below, you will find links and short summaries. Browse away, and remember, discuss any major changes or decisions with a legal or real estate expert before you make them! 

Can I get a Tempe Mortgage in Today’s Market? 

We’ve heard all the bad news day after day on the evening news programs. Many prospective new home buyers are beginning to wonder if they can get a mortgage at all. Fear not! There is a silver lining of this dark foreclosure cloud. New home buyers may find that real estate in many areas is somewhat more affordable than it might have been 3 years ago. Further, though the rules may have toughened up some, lenders are still making new mortgage agreements and houses are still selling. In short, you can still purchase a home in Tempe, Arizona. 

Find an Honest Lender to get a Good Mortgage 

We’re learning the price of not asking enough questions or paying enough attention to the financial details when buying a home. Unfortunately, there will always be a few bad apples and you will want to be able to recognize them. Look for misleading advertising or claims that the company’s interest rates are tied directly to federal interest rates. 

One good way to avoid getting ripped off is to go with a local vender. Ask lots of questions and look for referrals from your friends, co-workers and family.  

Should I Purchase my New Tempe Home Before Selling the Old House? 

Realtors can tell you that this question is asked not only by Tempe, AZ home buyers, but all across the U.S. The answer, as is the case with most complicated questions, is “it depends.” Think about your budget and financial situation. Can you afford to make for two mortgage payments for several months? Will your lender even approve you for another loan? What is the likelihood that you will be able to sell your old home quickly? 

Are ARM Mortgages ever a Good Deal? 

ARMs, or Adjustable Rate Mortgages have received a lot of bad press lately. This is often because people who received these types of mortgagees were not fully aware of the details of their loans. However, there are perfectly good reasons that some people choose ARMs over more traditional Fixed Rate Mortgages. 

If you plan to stay in a home less than five years or are very sure that your income will rise very soon, it might make sense to look at an ARM.  


Anyone that wants to move to a city that offers warm weather, plenty of activities and great local amenities should consider Tempe, AZ. There are many different neighborhoods in Tempe that could provide you with a great experience. One neighborhood to consider is Gililland.

One of the top selling points of Gililland is the great location. Those that live here can easily walk to either downtown Tempe or Arizona State University. Within Gililland, there are a variety of shops, markets, and other local amenities. The neighborhood is bordered by University Drive to the north, Priest Drive to the west, Hardy Drive to the east and 13th Street to the south.

Overall, the Gililland neighborhood is about 0.3 square miles in size and has a population nearing 2,000 residents. The median household income in the neighborhood is around $45,000.

Currently, there are a variety of different homes for sale that vary considerably. The current listings include some single-family homes that have around 1,500 square feet of living space that are listed for around $350,000. There are also several different new construction condos for sale that are listed for nearly $500,000 and offer luxury finishes.

Why Should I Invest in Tempe Real Estate?

Investment in real estate is a hot topic. Prospective Tempe home buyers may wonder why, in this new market, investment is such a good idea. However, over time, properly researched property tends to make money for its owners and many investors are seeing lots of opportunity in the current market. 

Of course, research is important. You want to get experts to check out the background on the title, inspect the property and look into issues like zoning and utilities. Remember, while real estate investment can be a great thing, you want to do your research and go in with your eyes open. 

What Tempe Investors need to Know 

Too many beginning investors jump right in without a plan. Unfortunately, they learn the lessons of what they should have done too late. Planning completely and ahead is the first sign that you are on the right track. Realizing that investment is ongoing work and building up a team of experts are others. 

Smart investors in Tempe and elsewhere know that they have to keep track of their budgets. When emotions get in the way, homework and preparation are often forgotten and mistakes are made.  

Should I use an Agent when Investing in Tempe Homes? 

Real estate investors can use an agent or realtor to find, and help the process of buying, property for investment purposes, or they can do the investigative work themselves. Both options have pros and cons that a new investor may do well to take the time to understand. 

A realtor can find you a great many properties. Often, they have insight into the market that you may not. After all, an experienced Tempe realtor is likely to know a great deal about the neighborhoods and trends in Tempe or even Maricopa as a whole. They also know the product and can help you find other experts to complete your team. However, a realtor is paid to help you. The commission they earn comes out of your investment, so you may earn less on any particular deal. 

Use This Checklist of Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Tempe Home

A home that is well-maintained will gain in value and be a joy to all who live in it. But home maintenance means more than just cleaning up and trimming the hedges. Follow this handy checklist to help keep your home in perfect condition. 

The most important thing you can do to maintain your home is to inspect it regularly. Walk through your house twice a year to discover any little problems before they become big disasters. 

  • Are any electrical outlets loose? Now is a good time to replace them. 
  • Look over your roof for missing or chipped shingles. 
  • Check the outdoor faucets and water lines for any signs of leakage. 
  • If you have a septic tank and haven’t emptied it, do so now. 
  • Check your exterior walls for cracks, peeling paint or other damage. 
  • Soil grading should let water flow away from your home. Make sure water doesn’t settle around the house. 
  • You should test all doors and windows by opening, closing and locking them. 
  • Seal your wooden porches and decks once a year to protect against damage. 
  • Inspect your attic and crawlspaces for any signs of water damage, rot or fungal growth. 

Clean Gutters Add to the Value of a Home 

Clean gutters carry water away from your home, protecting it from water damage. When the gutters clog up, they can’t do that job anymore. Gutters and eaves must be cleaned to keep them in working condition. 

  • Use a sturdy ladder when cleaning your gutters, and set it up properly. Don’t lean the ladder against the gutters. They can’t support much weight. 
  • Remove leaves and twigs from the gutters with a garden trowel or gutter scoop. 
  • Wet down any dirt clogs in the gutter, and then remove them. 
  • Flush out the spouts with a garden hose. If the water doesn’t run freely, use a plumber’s snake to clear the spout. 

Close Your Pool During the Winter Months 

If you live in Tempe, it’s a good chance your house has a pool. Swimming pools are fun through the summer, but should be closed down to protect them in the winter. Here’s a checklist to help close down your pool. 

  • Collect all your winterizing supplies. You’ll need a cover, winterizing chemicals and an air compressor or shop vacuum. 
  • Clean the filter by backwashing it thoroughly. 
  • Disconnect the pump and filter. 
  • Unscrew and loosen any fittings around the pump to prevent freeze cracks. 
  • Remove all return jet fittings. 
  • Blow out the water from the return jet pipes. 
  • Blow out any skimmer pipes to clear them of water. 
  • Blow out the main drain pipe. 
  • Remove any toys from the pool. 
  • Mix up and add the proper winterizing chemicals. 
  • Place the winter cover over the pool. Make sure it’s secure and won’t slide into the water.