University Park

University Park homes for sale in Tempe AZ Tempe which is an average-sized city located in Arizona. It has a population density of approximately 4,379 people per square mile. The average median house price is $219,900. The total available number of
University Park real estate is 3.

Tempe is ranked with the 71st percentile of all cities across America with a score of 72 out of 100 in the living ability score. The unemployment rate is relatively low and stands at 1.36% hence there are very high chances of finding a job when living there.

Tempe has a higher than average score at local amenities, there are ample amenities all which are within close proximity. There are parks that are convenient for hosting picnics and children play areas with slides and other equipment. Restaurants, coffee shops, and more are also available for fine dining, plus grocery stores. Libraries have thousands of books for both toddlers and seniors and even hospitals are conveniently available for health emergencies.

Education institutions are also available in Tempe with a good number of schools, colleges, universities and post-secondary institutions. The weather in Tempe is also excellent with perfectly warm days and not too much rain.

Pepperwood, AZ Community: What to Expect

Arizona is known for sun and relaxation, and rightfully so. Many people are flocking to the area to settle down, retire, or perhaps just to get started on their career. No matter what the draw is, the fact remains that it is a hot market to be sure. It is such a hot market that at this time there are only about half a dozen homes listed for sale in the Pepperwood neighborhood.

This neighborhood is in the Southeast corner of Phoenix and is actually positioned closer to Tempe than it is to the heart of downtown Phoenix. All of the homes currently listed there are over $200,000 each.

Pepperwood is Close to the City But with a Small Town Feel
The amenities and weather are given top marks from those who have lived there before. It is a small-sized community which is just perfect for the many people who call that place home. They are looking for something on the smaller size so that they can remain close to their neighbors and the community events that are ongoing at any given time around them. It sounds idealistic because it is. It is close enough to the major city to remain active, and yet it is far enough away to have that small town feel.


Within Tempe, Arizona is the Escalante neighborhood. This area features a slew of amenities, everything from restaurants and coffee shops to gyms and grocery stores. With Arizona consistently ranking among the top places to live it’s no wonder the real estate market is always in motion. Here are some quick facts about the Escalante neighborhood.

  • Median home prices – Median home price is around $200,000 although a variety of real estate properties are available.
  • Within the neighborhood, there were around 20 different styles of houses available for sale.
  • Average rent is between $1,000 to $1,200/month.

A peaceful community but still close enough to a variety of restaurants, movie theatres, and shopping, this neighborhood is both affordable and family-friendly. Neighborhood reviews have found Escalante to be a quiet and safe place to raise a family with well-kept houses and a sense of community.

Along with the real estate market is plenty of sunshine. There’s limited rain in Escalante and high temperatures range from 68 degrees in January to 105 degrees in July. This pleasant, sunny weather is one of the main reasons there’s been such an influx of people into Arizona.

NTNA-College Neighborhood

With warm and sunny weather, increased job growth, and affordable housing, it’s no wonder that Tempe, Arizona is attracting hoards of people. The NTNA – College section of Tempe is no exception. A quiet, clean place to raise a family is just what homeowners are looking for when purchasing their next property.

NTNA College Section Real Estate

  • Median Home Price – This neighborhood is a bit pricier than others with the median home price being $300,000. Homes usually range from $250,000 to $450,000.
  • NTNA – College section usually has 5-6 houses for sale at any time but they are hard to come by and get snatched up pretty quickly.

The NTNA – College section is a very popular area for families and is developing quickly. Here are some of the highlights of the area.

  • Clean, quiet and family-friendly
  • Easy access to restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, shopping, and entertainment
  • In walking distance to grocery stores
  • Friendly neighbors
  • Houses are well maintained
  • Well-lit at night, feel safe to walk alone

With Tempe becoming such a popular city to live in there’s no doubt that more people will make their way to the family-friendly neighborhood of NTNA-College Section.


Duskfire is situated in Tempe (Maricopa County) Arizona and Phoenix’s Valley of the Sun Southwest. The surroundings and location are perfect by giving suitable living conditions for single families. Duskfire is located on E Elliot Road and W Elliot road – one of the busiest roads. Since it is one of the main roads in Tempe, there is everything you need on a daily basis.

  • Median Home Price: $625.000
  • Approximate Number of Homes for Sale: 1

There are almost 170 houses in Duskfire with all modern facilities providing maximum comfort to their owners. Most of the homeowners have a good annual income and maintain a better lifestyle. They are mostly educated young people living in families. Since Duskfire is located in a busy area, there are plenty of restaurants, movie theaters and stores around. Those residents who want to maintain their fitness can do it in one of the many parks found in a radius of about 1.5 miles. If you a golf player, it will be no problem for you to find a decent golf resort of international standards around Duskfire.

As for schools, there are plenty of reasonable schools in the area. You can always contact or visit one of them in order to find the most suitable one for your children.


Homes for sale: Dava-Lakeshore has different types of properties, single-family homes, condos, townhomes, apartments. and also mobile homes. The median homes value is approximately $251,000 and the home value forecast is at 2.1%. There are currently 4 houses available for sale in Dava-Lakeshore, Tempe Arizona.

The area has one airport and three Amtrak trains stations that are situated within approximately 30 miles of the Tempe city center. The average time it takes to get to work in Tempe is 21% lower than the national average. The unemployment rate in Dava-Lakeshore is 57% lower than that of the national average hence finding jobs isn’t so hard. The cost of living in Dava-Lakeshore is relatively low being 2% lower than that of the national average and 1% lower than that of Tempe average.

The amenities in Dava-Lakeshore are ample and within close proximity. There is access to a wide variety of entertainment areas, grocery stores, hospitals for health emergencies, libraries, parks, and retail shops. There are a total of 63 public schools, 18 private schools, and 22 post-secondary institutions. The climate is hot in summer and cool in winter with an annual average of 70 degrees to 80 degrees.