NTNA-College Neighborhood

With warm and sunny weather, increased job growth, and affordable housing, it’s no wonder that Tempe, Arizona is attracting hoards of people. The NTNA – College section of Tempe is no exception. A quiet, clean place to raise a family is just what homeowners are looking for when purchasing their next property.

NTNA College Section Real Estate

  • Median Home Price – This neighborhood is a bit pricier than others with the median home price being $300,000. Homes usually range from $250,000 to $450,000.
  • NTNA – College section usually has 5-6 houses for sale at any time but they are hard to come by and get snatched up pretty quickly.

The NTNA – College section is a very popular area for families and is developing quickly. Here are some of the highlights of the area.

  • Clean, quiet and family-friendly
  • Easy access to restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, shopping, and entertainment
  • In walking distance to grocery stores
  • Friendly neighbors
  • Houses are well maintained
  • Well-lit at night, feel safe to walk alone

With Tempe becoming such a popular city to live in there’s no doubt that more people will make their way to the family-friendly neighborhood of NTNA-College Section.

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