University Park

University Park homes for sale in Tempe AZ Tempe which is an average-sized city located in Arizona. It has a population density of approximately 4,379 people per square mile. The average median house price is $219,900. The total available number of
University Park real estate is 3.

Tempe is ranked with the 71st percentile of all cities across America with a score of 72 out of 100 in the living ability score. The unemployment rate is relatively low and stands at 1.36% hence there are very high chances of finding a job when living there.

Tempe has a higher than average score at local amenities, there are ample amenities all which are within close proximity. There are parks that are convenient for hosting picnics and children play areas with slides and other equipment. Restaurants, coffee shops, and more are also available for fine dining, plus grocery stores. Libraries have thousands of books for both toddlers and seniors and even hospitals are conveniently available for health emergencies.

Education institutions are also available in Tempe with a good number of schools, colleges, universities and post-secondary institutions. The weather in Tempe is also excellent with perfectly warm days and not too much rain.

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