Pepperwood, AZ Community: What to Expect

Arizona is known for sun and relaxation, and rightfully so. Many people are flocking to the area to settle down, retire, or perhaps just to get started on their career. No matter what the draw is, the fact remains that it is a hot market to be sure. It is such a hot market that at this time there are only about half a dozen homes listed for sale in the Pepperwood neighborhood.

This neighborhood is in the Southeast corner of Phoenix and is actually positioned closer to Tempe than it is to the heart of downtown Phoenix. All of the homes currently listed there are over $200,000 each.

Pepperwood is Close to the City But with a Small Town Feel
The amenities and weather are given top marks from those who have lived there before. It is a small-sized community which is just perfect for the many people who call that place home. They are looking for something on the smaller size so that they can remain close to their neighbors and the community events that are ongoing at any given time around them. It sounds idealistic because it is. It is close enough to the major city to remain active, and yet it is far enough away to have that small town feel.

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