Homes for sale: Dava-Lakeshore has different types of properties, single-family homes, condos, townhomes, apartments. and also mobile homes. The median homes value is approximately $251,000 and the home value forecast is at 2.1%. There are currently 4 houses available for sale in Dava-Lakeshore, Tempe Arizona.

The area has one airport and three Amtrak trains stations that are situated within approximately 30 miles of the Tempe city center. The average time it takes to get to work in Tempe is 21% lower than the national average. The unemployment rate in Dava-Lakeshore is 57% lower than that of the national average hence finding jobs isn’t so hard. The cost of living in Dava-Lakeshore is relatively low being 2% lower than that of the national average and 1% lower than that of Tempe average.

The amenities in Dava-Lakeshore are ample and within close proximity. There is access to a wide variety of entertainment areas, grocery stores, hospitals for health emergencies, libraries, parks, and retail shops. There are a total of 63 public schools, 18 private schools, and 22 post-secondary institutions. The climate is hot in summer and cool in winter with an annual average of 70 degrees to 80 degrees.

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