Tips for Retirees Moving to Tempe, Arizona

Tempe frequently ranks at or near the top of list of places to retire. And there’s good reason for that. With a consistently sunny and warm climate, a reasonable cost of living, charming homes, and safe neighborhoods, it’s no surprise that so many retirees choose to settle in Tempe. Both locally and across the country, you’ll discover the perfect home in our little part of the Valley. The overgrown college town that is Arizona State University provides a youthful vibe and economic stability, while Tempe Town Lake and the stark landscape that the Southwest is known for offers amazing adventures and outdoor experiences for people of all mobility levels.


Financial Reasons

If you haven’t already done the research, there are two big reasons that homeownership costs are so attractive in Tempe. First, we’re one of the few major cities in the West with a median home value under $300,000. Second, Tempe has a below average property tax rate (.802% vs 1.211% nationally). Put it altogether and people find the perfect place to retire, while still being able to meet or even move up their retirement date.


Moving Tips for Seniors

Create a plan, and by create a plan, we mean create a checklist and timeline by which things need to be done. Now is the time to be brutally honest with yourself if know you’re an over-planner. Pad the schedule. Hire professionals to help, and then expect those professionals to themselves create a headache or two, even if it’s just communicating your schedule and needs to the moving company.

To this point, one of the most important things for a successful move is choosing a professional moving company. Do the basic due diligence and narrow the list down to a few promising companies. Make sure these companies are licensed, have been in business for at least a few years, and have generally positive reviews and customer testimonials. During the phone call, here is a list of follow-up questions you should think about asking prospective movers:


  1. What do your moving packages NOT include? Is the cost of gas already covered? Are there extra fees I should know about?
  2. Are there any items you refuse to move? I have a “piano/grandfather clock/etc.”
  3. Can I expect some type of written contract that lays out the terms and expectations of the moving service?
  4. What should I be sure to do before moving day to expedite the process?
  5. (Optional) If my moving dates are flexible, can I get a better rate?


More than just the moving itself, you need to think about cleaning services, storage solutions, and animal travel for any household pets. And, of course, real estate. Take care of your sanity during the moving process, but don’t lose equity on your home by ignoring the value of an experienced real estate agent. We can’t wait to see you out and about the town.


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